How to Organize the Closet with Winter Clothes ❆



Today’s post was made in partnership with Skip and it is full of tips on how to organize your wardrobe for the winter.

Now that the cold is here, it’s time to get your winter nightgowns and save the summer dresses for the next year. Today’s post is exactly about tidying up and organizing the closet and how we can take advantage of doing a general cleaning and washing that we have not seen since last winter.

Organizing the closet is something we all fear but that we inevitably have to do. This is also a good time to wash clothes that we have not used for a long time and we do not even know when they were last washed. Check out this page to get to know several laundry tips in a simple and with the best results.

Difficult Decisions

The best way to start organizing the closet is to empty it completely. Remove everything and separate, as you are withdrawing, into three different piles. One will be for the clothes they want to keep, another for the clothes they no longer wear and the third for those pieces that are still in doubt. This step is very important to get some space since we all like to buy new clothes, but getting rid of the old clothes is more difficult.

Organization, organization, organization

As you know the organization is critical for me and, to make the most of the available space, it is important to think of storage solutions that facilitate the organization of the clothing. They can be boxes, shelves, men or clothes hangers, what matters is that they can take advantage of the space in the closet in the best way so that it is easier to keep organized and to choose the clothes every morning.

Delicate Laundry

Before putting your clothes back in the closet, it’s always good to wash some parts that we have not used for a long time. Since wool or delicate items require special care, I choose to wash them by hand to avoid accidents. All they need is a bucket or bowl, water, and detergent for wool or delicate items. Just fill the bowl with water and detergent, at the recommended dose on the laundry label or in the instructions for using the detergent, put the laundry inside, stir gently and let it stand for 10 minutes. Then all they need to do is rinse until all detergent residues disappear. To dry, it is important not to extend pieces of wool or delicate so as not to deform. Always dry on a flat surface.

Back to the Closet

Now that the clothes are already selected and properly washed, it’s time to get them back in the closet. To make it easier to choose what to wear each morning, you can use a few simple organizing tricks. Fixing the clothes we wear most at eye level is a precious help, as we are always aware of what pieces are available. Clothes we do not wear so much can be tidied up further and those we rarely need can be put up higher since they will not be worn so much.

Preparing the closet for the winter can seem like a lot of work, but it’s a precious help to avoid wasting time looking for that warm knit sweater in mountains of disorganized clothing. I hope you enjoyed this post and have been useful to you! Now all you have to do is roll up your sleeves and put your hands in your clothes!



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