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To say goodbye to 2018 on a good note, today’s post was again made in partnership with Skip. In this post are given some tips on how to save money on our clothes throughout the new year.

In this post, I tell you about a resolution for 2019 that can work well for you too – how to save money on clothes. The beginning of a new year is always a period of change and reflection in which we set goals for the next 365 days, so I leave you some tips to spend less money on clothes, being them tips for shopping, for washing delicate clothes to last longer or give a new life to clothes that no longer have as much use.


As you know, I love organization and this characteristic gives me a great aptness when planning the purchases since if there is not any type of plan, we finish buying pieces that we do not need or that do not match the ones that we already have.

  • Start by organizing/cleaning the closet and, if necessary, make a list of the clothes you have and actually wear. So the next time you go shopping you know what you need or if that gorgeous top looks good on the clothes you already have.

  • Another important factor is setting a budget. This way you avoid unnecessary expenses because you already know what you need and what money you have available to spend.

  • To get the best prices it takes a little patience and research. Nowadays most stores sell online, which greatly facilitates the search and comparison of prices. Spend some time investigating to find out where you can get the clothes you need at the lowest prices.

How to Wash Clothes to Last Longer

Another way to save money on clothes is to avoid having to buy new clothes. For this, it is important to know some tricks to wash the clothes correctly, since the washing wears the clothes. As washing can be a boring task, stick with a few simple tips that help keep clothes looking like new for longer. 

  • Read the labels carefully and follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions. So the clothes stay flawless longer and avoid accidents, such as shrunken clothing or losing shape, which often cause us to have to buy new clothes.

  • Always separate clothes! Separating clothes by colors avoids dyed pieces, but if they are also separated by the degree of dirt, you can choose the most appropriate programs for each degree, avoiding more aggressive programs that can wear only slightly dirty pieces.
  •  Pre-treat clothing. By pre-treating the most difficult stains, the laundry is cleaned the first time and no such aggressive washing is required.

  •  Always wash your clothes inside out, especially if it is a patterned or detailed piece. Thus washing becomes less draining on the visible part of the clothing.

Bring New Life to Clothes

One of the simplest ways to save money on clothing is to reuse pieces that no longer have as much use. If you have pants you do not wear, why not make them into shorts? Cut off your pants as much as you like and make the hem to keep them from buckling.

Adding elements is also a great way to take advantage of the clothes or customize pieces as I did with my backpack. Whether it’s gluing pearls, sequins, lace or beads, they can give new life to used pieces or give a special touch to basics.

These are just a few ideas to save money on clothing in 2019. Now they just need willpower and some organization. Do not forget that reducing consumption and waste means also helping the planet, which alone is a great resolution for the new year!



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